Welcome to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church!


We are well on our path in Lent to meet Jesus at the Cross. The Cross – one of the most tortuous ways to be killed – is what God chose to have His only Son show us what love truly is. Despite our nature in sin, Jesus left Heaven to join us in our bodily form to be tortured and killed as part of God’s redeeming sacrifice so that we could return to God. Lent is the time we focus more surely how much God loves us – and what God has done to bring us back into His arms.

Of course, we should not contain our devotion and closeness to God during this 40-day period we call Lent. We should build upon our relationship with God every day in every year so that when we are called home, we can firmly understand how much God loves us.

Join us as we pray and sing and share God’s Holy Word as we gather at Church.  

We invite you to worship with us at – 3711 Ridge Road in Highland, IN – on YouTube at – Gloria Dei Lutheran Church – Highland, IN – or on Facebook @gloriadeihighland – as we give thanks to God for His unending love for His children. Worship on Sunday at 10AM.