In November of 1959, the Rev. Harold E. Koch, Board Missionary, is assigned to develop a congregation in the Highland-Griffith area. That December the newly formed congregation has their first worship service in Highland Christian School. In April 1960, a call is extended to Koch to become the congregation’s first pastor.

In September of 1961, ground is broken to begin construction of the church building. The first cornerstone of the building is laid later that December. In June 1962, the first worship service in the new building is held.

In April 1963 a call is extended to the Rev. Robert Trendel.

By the summer of 1965, it becomes readily apparent that more room is needed for the ongoing life of the congregation. Prayerful decision is made after much consultation to employ the firm of Bundrees and Sunshine to present new plans for a new Worship Hall.

In the December 1966, a call is extended to the Rev. Joseph Kiser.

In March 1968 groundbreaking for the new church building occurs. That July the first cornerstone is laid. On Christmas Eve that year the building is used for the first time.

In November 1974 a call is extended to the Rev. Floyd C. Trexler.

In August 1983 the Rev. Dale Beutler is called as assistant minister.

In May 1988 the Rev. Donald M. Bravin is called as the pastor.

In December 1992 the Rev. James Milligan is called as the pastor.

In July 1998 an organ dedication was held in church service for the rebuilt pipe organ.

In March 2005, the Rev. Laura Altman is called as the pastor.

The Reverend Howard Buchholz II served the church from 2006 – 2007.

In August 2007 the Reverend David Trexler is called as the pastor.

In August 2012 David Adams is called as a lay person to serve the church. In October 2018 he is ordained and called as the pastor of the church.

A Prayer Garden is completed and dedicated 2019.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic starting in 2020 GDLC started streaming it’s Sunday services on FaceBook & YouTube.